A Guide to Verrucae

Verrucae are caused by the Human Papilloma Virus (HPV) and is a contagious dermatological condition that can be passed via direct contact. Verrucae thrive in damp environments with swimming pools and public showers being the most common place to catch them. As well as direct contact with another person infected with the virus. Any small abrasions or cuts in your feet make it easier for the virus to penetrate the skin and it is normal for fluctuations to susceptibility to the HPV to occur and for immunity to be developed in some.

Verrucae. plantar-wart-treatment-case3a, Happyfeet34, Flickr, 2011

They usually appear in clusters often resembling that of cauliflower in appearance and can be painful to touch. It is also common to develop callus around the affected area. Verrucae are typically harmless but some strains of the virus can spread fast and the affected area can look unsightly.

There are a few treatment options available over-the-counter and by foot health specialists such as ourselves at Pods Footcare, but in some instances your immune system may get rid of the virus itself after 6 months in children and 2 years in adults.

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