Covid-19 Update

To all our patients old and new, these are uncertain times and we miss you dearly and hope you are keeping safe. How our lives have all been turned upside down. We are writing this update not just to update you on our current situation but to say that those who are struggling we are here via phone and email. We have been working hard over the past few weeks to change and adapt as we all have. It is our biological right. We thought we would share some positive news with our followers and please do let us know yours:

- We have resurfaced our flooring and our new clinic finally has its Pods stamp on it

- We have approval to stay at 5 The Walk

- We are APPROVED to remain open as we provide a valuable service

- Jessica has been accepted to Essex University where she will be undertaking a Masters in Public Health

- Lindsay has enrolled on her Biomechanics training with the Vasyli Biomechanics Academy

- Judy is receiving funding to help keep the clinic open after lockdown

- We have been able to source sufficient supplies of PPE for emergency appointments to keep people out of hospital

We know that we may not see many of our patients until vulnerable people are safer again (unless there is an emergency), but we are here and we are thinking of each of you. There will come a day when we will catch up and you will feel like you’re floating out of our clinic and our difficulties now will feel like a surreal dream.

Keep Strong. Keep Safe.

Lots of well wishes from the Pods team.

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