Get a Spring in your step!

The sun is sheepishly coming out, as are the wildlife. The flowers are in full bloom and we are returning slowly but surely to a new way of living. Vaccination attempts have been fantastic and we are slowly starting to feel a bit more ourselves.

Whilst out there are still things to consider, your feet!

Make sure to get an annual checkup to assess your biomechanics this can involve many symptoms excluding the feet such as; back pain, shoulder pain, hip pain and headaches.

If you are diabetic, make sure you get your annual check and have someone regularly care for your feet to avoid ulcerations, infection, and to keep an eye on neuropathic development or symptoms.

Take care when visiting pools, if you have verrucas...please wear verruca socks to help stop the spread. We also provide treatment here.

If you're a sporting enthusiast, remember to stretch, having regular biomechanic checks (6 months) and remember to replace your shoes every 300 miles. IF you develop an ingrowing toenail from high impact sports, remember we are here (and we're lovely - promise!).

For everyone else just generally wearing themselves out, developing ingrowing toenails, fungal nail, needing TLC and can't reach your toes. We are here with helping hands.

Of course, we are always here with open ears to help in any way we can.

Happy Spring!

From Pods

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