Heatwave 101: Foot care

As you are very much aware we are currently experiencing a heatwave so I have decided to dedicate a post to keeping your feet safe throughout. Key pointer's:

1) Swelling in the feet is expected due to the humidity and body fluid fluctuations caused by such heat. Please make sure your shoes can accommodate the fluctuations - even if you don't suffer from lower limb swelling usually! The expansion can make your feet sore, lead to corns, build up of callus and all-round discomfort. Comfortable shoes are key!

2) If you're diabetic keep your shoes on. Keeping your feet protected is very important for diabetics as wounds may or may not be felt depending on neuropathy but remember healing rates are effected. Have a nice cool sandal on to keep you protected!

3) Being barefoot may feel refreshing but keep yourself protected in a nice fitting sandal and you'll have no regrets. Surfaces too hot can cause blistering - ouch!

4) If you haven't already and you need orthotic support remember to check out Vionic sandals - they help a treat!

I hope you enjoy the weather and manage to keep cool!

All the best,

Jessica Suter

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