Hips don't lie!

Hip pain is a common ailment and usually results in elective hip replacements due to the wear and tear over time. However, scientists understand that it is not just necessarily the hip that requires attention or “fixing”.

When you think about the human body, it is wise to never isolate certain areas of the body that may be deteriorating or falling to disease. You should consider the knock-on effects of each organ, tissue, joint and so on. When you consider hip pain more time than not you imagine localised pain at the hip which has experience trauma or deterioration. It’s not always the case that it begins and ends in the hip compartment. You must consider the ‘kinetic chain’. The kinetic chain describes the hip to foot movement and structure.

More often than not, foot pain accompanies hip pain and can be confused with cause or effect. However, quite simply, everything stems from the foot. That is something we say very often here at Pods Footcare in Beccles. We put great value in the understanding of biomechanics and the research in this area is constantly churning. Lower limb biomechanics starts by assessing the posture and structure of your foot in a ‘relaxed’ position. This allows the practitioner to see whether you are experiencing true collapse of your arch muscles or an environmental ‘temporary’ collapse. This is best explained by nature vs environment. Support is then provided using orthotic insoles which are tailored to your specific needs and foot. The effect is quite remarkable.

Using the orthotic insoles, your lower limb is kept in the correct position and is no longer a victim to the environment. Over time, pain in other areas of your body relieve and your body begins to heal and you are left wondering how you coped without them!

Biomechanical intervention using orthotic insoles

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