How to care for your feet in the sun

The sun is shining and out comes flip flops, sandals or even barefoot. Feels great in the sun but you can find yourself becoming uncomfortable. Many of our patients come to us with ailments from both summer and winter footwear, but let's face it - we're going against evolution! Our feet were designed to walk on mouldable surfaces such as sand and earth, not flat pavements and flooring - let alone with shoes. So what can you do to prevent foot pain in the summer months?

Orthotics insoles:

Whether they're prescription or standardised these will help protect your from every day stressors of the lower limb.

Orthotic sandals:

Companies such as Vionic ( have a great selection of shoes with built in standardised orthotic insoles which will really help keep you protected and in allignment.

Regular footcare:

Make sure you check-in with a podiatrist or foot health practitioner during each season for a foot MOT. Inbetween seeing them you should paddle-file and cream your feet regularly.


If you're diabetic remember to take extra precautions in the heat to not walk barefooted incase of injuries and always drop in frequently to your local foot health professional.

Taking care of your feet doesn't occur to most of us, but trust us when we say if you take care of them this summer they will certainly help take care of you.

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