Pods talk body confidence this summer

At Pods we see an arrange of people and we LOVE the individuality of each and every patient that walks through our doors. Not only do we come in all different shapes and sizes but also with varying health issues that effect your feet - bringing people to us.

The bottom line is we are all different and we all deserve to feel amazing!

So why are we sending this message out to people? Every day we speak to people who feel anxious of their appearance and even the appearance of their feet. Yes, it’s human nature to worry we won’t take that away, but what we would like for you to take away from us is the message that whatever your worries we think you’re brilliant. The sun is shining, having your feet seen to is therapeutic just like having your hair done, or buying something new.

Celebrate your individuality this summer. Don’t let the sun be the only who shines and if you’d like to treat yourself to a little pamper and conversation with myself or Judy. You know where we are.

Thank you to all our patients for being you.

Warm wishes from the Pods team.

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