What causes corns?

Corns are a popular ailment that we treat here at Pods Footcare Specialists. They come in various sizes, locations and depths and can cause a lot of discomfort if not treated. Some people use over-the-counter methods to ease corns such as ‘corn pads’ or even come to us to have them enucleated (whereby we remove the corns using a scalpel technique). However, both treatments create a short-term effect and ultimately, they will return be it in a few days or a few years. Here’s why…

Corns are clusters of dead cells formed by powers of friction and force. Two things that we all encounter through daily life, especially in those more active or are carrying a little extra weight i.e. the greater the force the greater the friction. However, activity and weight are just a few culprits. Some people can develop corns through unsuitable footwear (even those that feel comfortable at the time!) but the biggest culprit of corn formation lays in the biomechanics of the foot.

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When we evolved as a species our feet were designed to match that of our environment. Terrains such as sand and earth mould around our feet allowing fluid movement between each joint, bone and tissue in the foot. This can be evident when looking at footprints in the sand. However, nature vs civilisation becomes pivotal in the rise of corns and many other lower limb ailments as we now walk on hard surfaces which quite frankly our feet are not designed for. It is here that many compounding variables take their toll on our feet and over time you lose the support of your arch muscles because deformities arise pushing the foot in an outwards motion. This is called pronation. Your feet can also become pushed in an inwards motion called supination. Not only do these conditions of the foot give rise to corns but numerous other problems from the foot all the way up to persistent headaches or shoulder aches. So what is the solution?

At Pods Footcare Specialists we provide custom-made orthotic insole support. Wearing these in your shoes or house shoes every day your bodily alignment corrects and your feet conform into the correct positioning the way nature intended, thus preventing corns in the long run as there is a lack of pressure and friction!

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If you would like to know more about corns and their treatment or think you may need biomechanical intervention then please do message us or call 01502 711096.

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